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RIS Early Years Campus is designed to lay a strong foundation for young children, ages 2 to 6, in their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. The school’s facilities will support learning in all these areas by allowing children to move freely between indoor and outdoor learning environments.

RIS History

Since 1957, RIS has been known for its excellence in education founded by Redemptorists of Thailand formed the idea for a school to meet the educational and catechetical needs of children of expatriate and local Catholic parishioners. the school was officially opened on May 17 of that year (designated RIS Foundation Day) In 1963, what was then known as Ruam Rudi School (RRS) was officially chartered under the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and renamed Ruamrudee International School (RIS). 

“Ruamrudee,” Thai for “union of hearts,” perfectly encapsulates the RIS philosophy of welcoming all children, emphasizing social responsibility, and ensuring a warm learning environment.

 RIS became one of the first schools in Asia to be fully accredited by WASC (the Western Association of Schools and Colleges) and the Thai Ministry of Education. RIS students consistently prove their academic excellence by scoring far above world averages and attending the most prestigious colleges and universities around the world. RIS students benefit from small class sizes, relevant and innovative electives, modern languages, and a vibrant performing and visual arts program.

What makes our community unique?

As an educational institution with over six decades of history and now three campuses across Bangkok, RIS boasts a diverse, multi-generational international family consisting of thousands of students, graduates, faculty, and staff. Today, the RIS alumni network is a vibrant, tight-knit community bonded by affinity and nostalgia for RIS. 

Our values 

Ruamrudee is Thai for “union of hearts,” which perfectly captures the school’s philosophy of welcoming all children into an environment of care and compassion. We collectively take responsibility for nurturing a positive learning environment of every child’s Head, Hands, and Heart.



We are creative, critical thinkers and open minded.



We are effective communicators, collaborative and resourceful.



We embrace diversity, lead a happy and healthy life, help others.

Letter form Administrator

RIS Early Years Campus features a Reggio-inspired playground designed to be a center point, ideal for both sensory play and restful coziness. Combining innovative structures and nature-inspired elements, this unique playground becomes an ideal place for children to be able to learn in their own independent and imaginative way. 


“There are excellent opportunities for our children to freely explore their worlds, in and outside of the classrooms. Most importantly, with collaboration and support from the nearby Ruamrudee International School Minburi campus, RIS Early Years Campus mirrors its long-standing values and philosophy, building the foundation for our students to thrive and succeed throughout the rest of their school life.”

Bird Jetana Kitcharoen
RISE School Director

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