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  • All students must be registered via the online EDP registration form before they can take part in an EDP course.

  • Students can register for more than one course, but please be careful not to choose more than one course per day.

  • Courses that do not reach the minimum number of students will be canceled and removed from the registration form. Students will be notified by the EDP team. Those who registered for that canceled course can choose a different course or be credited for the next session.

  • When a course reaches the maximum number of students, it will be closed and no longer available as an option on the registration form. (10 children per course)

  • Students can cancel a course before the start of the EDP session or during the second week of EDPs. To be refunded, they must first notify admin via line OA of their cancellation. Students are not allowed to change courses or receive refunds after the second week of classes is completed.


  • Payments for EDP must be paid by the fourth week of EDP. Any sessions missed from completed payments will be credited to the next EDP session.

Thank you for your support and cooperation. For any questions, please contact Admin.

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